Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU)

In 2012, 5% of the tickets found were counterfeits, causing much damage to revenue of Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) and its reputation as well as disappointing fans who paid much to get the ticket only to be turned away from stadium entry due to the counterfeit tickets. No fake ticket has been found after they select TANATT® as their ticket supplier.


• Protect the revenue from counterfeit tickets
• Restore customer confidence
• Improve the long waiting time

• Provide authenticated access in a convenient way for audiences


• High secure tickets for covert and forensic authentication

• Unqiue ticket design with security graphic

• Calibrated Taggants Detection Systems


• No counterfeit ticket is found – Protect the revenue
• Enhance operations efficiency
• Shorter waiting time, higher customer satisfaction
• Maintain a good reputation as a global event